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Scott Bader is an established €230 million global chemical company employing almost 700 people across 6 manufacturing sites and 13 offices. Using our combined global resource and expertise we continue to be a leader in the manufacturing of products for the Composites, Advanced Composites, Adhesives and Speciality Polymers markets.


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Scott Bader Commonwealth Limited

Thank you for your enquiry. We are currently reviewing our funding opportunities and we will start accepting applications in the next few weeks.

Once we do, the form will be available for completion.

Scott Bader is a Common Trusteeship Company with a self-governing structure. Our shares are held in trust by the Scott Bader Commonwealth Limited, a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity. Having no external shareholders, we cannot be acquired so we are more stable and can plan ahead.


Each year a percentage of our income is donated to support charitable activities and projects around the world.  A brief description of our current funding opportunities are provided below:

PLEASE  NOTE:  We will only consider applications for funding of  projects overseas from Charities that are registered in the UK or from charities who are already known to us.

(a)  Large Project funding to value of £25,000

Each year we support two - four large, community based environmental or educational projects that benefit young or disadvantaged people to the value of £25,000 each. These can be located anywhere in the world.

The application & selection process for 2019 is:

Stage 1 – All applications for 2019 must be received by Friday 8th February 2019

Stage 2 – 8 -10 short listed charities will be invited to present their projects to the Trustees on either Wednesday 6th March or Thursday 7th March, please can you therefore make a note of these dates.   Following the presentations 4 – 6 will be selected to go forward to stage 3 for voting at our AGM.

Stage 3 – For the AGM in May 2019 the 4-6 charities selected for the final stage will be invited to summarise and ‘sell’ their project on one page of A4 paper.  Commonwealth Members worldwide will vote to decide on the two projects to receive funding.

Stage 4 – In May 2019, funds will be made available to the 2-4 charities receiving the most votes.

(b) Small International Fund

This fund is to provide small grants of £500-£2,000 to support international projects located anywhere in the world. We accept applications all year round, so charities may apply at any time.

(c) Local Funds – applications accepted all year

Funds are made available to all of the companies within the Scott Bader Group, for them to submit applications to our Charity Trustees for charities they wish to support.

Each supports the work of charities associated with them or situated nearby. For example:

• Northamptonshire in the UK
• Co. Meath in Eire
• Amiens in France
• Falkenberg in Sweden
• Barcelona in Spain
• Liberec in the Czech Republic
• Zagreb in Croatia
• Dubai
• Cape Town in South Africa
• Ohio in the USA
• Shanghai in China
• Drummondville in Canada

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