Scott Bader Commonwealth Limited


  • We will only consider applications for funding of  projects overseas from Charities that are registered in the UK or from Charities who are already known to us. 
  • We will only consider applications for funding from Charities who have been operational for over two years.
  • We recommend that first time applicants only apply for between £2,000-£4,000.

Diversity Statement:

We want to hear from and support Charities that are registered in the UK or known to us. We are keen to support Charities who's projects focus on the following areas- educational, environmental and disadvantaged groups. We are keen to hear from and support Charities working with and for the BAME and LGBTQ+ community.


Each year a percentage of our income is donated to support charitable activities and projects around the world.  A brief description of our current funding opportunities are provided below:

During 2023 we will be accepting grants for funding under the following categories;

GLOCAL   STRATEGY  FUND:   Grants  in  this  category  range  from £250 -  £10,000  -  funds  are  made  available  to all of the companies within  the  Scott Bader Group to support the work of charities known to them or situated near to where they are located e.g: UK, Dublin, Eire, France, Sweden, Spain, Czech Republic, Croatia, Dubai, South Africa, USA , Canada, China, Japan, Australia and India.

The areas of focus are below: 

  • Education
  • Poverty 
  • Environmental

The application & selection process for the above category is:

9th January  - 27th February    - Window Open

March              - Decision confirmed and payment made (if successful)

3rd April - 29th May   - Window Open 

June            - Decision confirmed and payment made (if successful)

3rd July - 28th August - Window Open 

September- Decision confirmed and payment made (if successful)

2nd October - 20th November  - Window Open 

December- Decision confirmed and payment made (if successful)


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